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A Guide to WordPress Sailing Themes.

WordPress is now the most popular website design tool online and it’s much better for those involved with the hotel world. The website may not be a concern for most hotels, despite the fact that it is the first destination for those seeking to become customers. The best way to make bookings easier would be if you had intuitive features.

With numerous plugins including booking management and an event schedule, the Sailing themes provide quick and easy design options. Let’s go a bit deeper into what the WordPress Themes have to offer.

Panoramic view.

The reason Sailing is so popular is because it’s a completely sensitive, feature-rich WordPress theme with all you need.

The Hotel Booking app is versatile and user-friendly for both customers and staff so it doesn’t have to be too difficult to handle reservations.

The booking system also goes so far as to allow you to control room layout, its efficiency, amenities and add photo galleries.

The Sailing reporting module is incredibly in-depth, in addition to bookings, allowing you to export a range of data that can also be personalized.

Sailing provides a sleek style that can also be conveniently modified with a drag-and-drop GUI that allows you to control themes, colors, fonts and other design elements. It also includes social media features and searches engine optimization to ensure that people can find it once you look amazing at the blog.

Model responsibly.

One of the great things about the Sailing theme is that it delivers 100% responsive design in order to make the site work across any platform.

Websites that are not designed for smaller screens will see their search engine results reflect a total drop. Close to 60 percent of online searches come from a mobile device which is why digital design is so important.

Ideal results.

The code written for the Sailing theme was designed for maximum performance, meaning you won’t have a sluggish platform, which is crucial to good rankings. Google recently shifted its algorithms, as historically fast-loading web pages were granted preferential placement in search results. Slow websites are now penalized in search results, especially when they’re slow on mobile devices.

To further support this, the sailing theme’s SEO optimization is also top-notch. The word, heading, and meta tags are designed with structured data coded for blog posts and WooCommerce items according to Google’s requirements.

Slider to the revolution.

WordPress Themes

The revolution slider is another feature of the Sailing theme which can help you adjust transformations, effects, and animations. It’s easy to use because you can use it to drag and drop messages, sites, and various other material.

The Sailing theme also makes other extensions, such as different visual editors, if there is something else with which you are more relaxed.


Sailing has five pre-designed home pages to get you started, which you can use as a base plate to tailor to your business. This is a quick and effective way to hit the running ground when constructing your site.

The same applies to the pages “About us” and “Gallery” with quick links to WooCommerce, to set up an online shop with an installer with one button. There is also an in-built RTL-language interpreter to make it easier for any foreign visitor.