is dental implants safe

Benefits and care of the dental implant

Dental clinicThe dental implant is similar to a tooth root which can be positioned into the jawbone with the help of surgery under the gum line which makes your dental surgeon install the spare teeth or bridge into that area. Transplant doesn’t come loose like a denture tin. Dental transplants also have some advantages related to general oral health as they need not be anchored to other teeth like bridges. This transplant can do miracles for self-assurance, as it looks and feels like an original tooth. Most of the people who felt shy due to the space in the mouth felt happy after the implantation of a new tooth. It makes the person feel easier to speak and eat as a titanium post is fixed straight in the jaw which holds the transplanted tooth in place, root canal treatment? Yes, of course, it is regarded as the safe teeth replacement method. Maximum of patients who have good health results in successful surgeries. Failure rates of dental implants are very low and the success rate is high.

The primary things need for the implant is good oral health habits. And also you have to make regular check-ups every six months to assure your tooth is clean and strong. Suppose if you have any gum disease or tooth decay that has to be treated before you go for dental implant surgery. Maximum dentists will say this as a safe method when patients enquire about it.

The procedure of dental implant

When you are planning for a dental implant, you must have healthy gums and sufficient bone density to care for the transplant. If your bone is very thin or lenient and not capable to support an implant, you have to do bone transplantation. Or else, if you don’t have enough bone height in the upper jaw or the sinuses are very close to it may cause problems. For this, you have to do a sinus lift. A sinus lift is an operation done by an oral surgeon. During operation, bone is included in the location of molars and premolars between the jaw and the maxillary sinuses. This transplant is more costly compared to other tooth replacement techniques. If you lost a tooth and want to go for a dental implant, it is better to consult a dentist.

Endosteal implant method

This is a commonly preferred transplant method and teeth are locked directly into the jawbone, which is known as root-form transplants. This looks like small screws or plates. To make this operation successful, the bone has to be deep and wide enough to have a safety foundation. When the tissues surrounded by the gums got healed, the second operation is required to link a post to the normal implant. At last, a duplicate tooth is fixed to the post-individually or gathered on a connection or denture.

Subperiosteal implant method

This type of transplant comprises of a metal frame that has to be fixed on the jawbone beneath the tissues around the gum. When the gum gets healed, the metal-framed gets fixed to the bone. Posts fixed to the frame will develop through the gums. Then with the endosteal transplant method, duplicate teeth will be installed to the posts.