salvator mundi

Getting a Salvator Mundi Painting

salvator mundi is a painting of a Jesus Christ, Salvator is a Latin word which means savior. This painting tells us that Christ is the savior of the world. In the portrait right hand raised with two fingers extended, on the left hand, there is a transparent crystal ball which represents that he is the savior of the world and the crystalline ball representing heaven. This painting has 20 other version of the work by the students and the followers of the art.

salvator mundi

Salvator Mundi has painted for a consort ‘Anne of Brittany’ in France. This painting is one of the famous da Vinci. In 1625 it may come to England after the second Italian war, it has been added in the private collection of Queen’s houses. Once the painting brought by a British collector, it has been disappeared. Because of the damage condition, the restoration process is done on the picture by the artists who have studied it in deep, or we can say the followers of the da Vinci.

This is the world’s most expensive artwork sold at auction which is purchased by Saudi prince Bader bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan al-Saud from the Christie’s sale in November 2017. It went for a very high amount of $450 million; it was a record-breaking sale ever. This has been painted by da Vinci that tells us its artistic values and how unique a piece it is. After a year of purchasing the painting by the royal family of Saudi, the picture receded from view. In September 2018, at the louver Abu Dhabi, the news had come out that the Salvator Mundi painting is missing.

Restoration of Salvator Mundi: This painting has been painted in 1500 century by da Vinci, and later it has been safely kept in the consortia royal family of England, but it has traveled a lot to various royal families so after a certain period of time the painting became faded and needed rediscovery and restoration. This painting has studied by many art students who follow Leonardo and his artistic life. The consortium supposed to be fewer quality paintings that can turn out to be some masterpiece like the original Picasso or da Vinci. The restoration of the picture has been done by the expert members of the community and then kept it in the exhibition, and after that, it sold in an auction of Christie in New York.

Detailing: There is over cleaning can be seen on the face and hair of the Christ, which results in abrasion. In the painting, a double outline on the left hand holding transparent crystal orbit can be seen easily. The left eye (right), are visible marks that Leonardo made to soften the flesh with the heel of his hand.

Salvator Mundi is the first painting by the da Vinci which has appeared in the public sale for 100 years. This painting is the most expensive one of the worlds as it sold to the Saudi prince for $450 million.