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Great Choices You Must Make Now

It is best if the vest is made of medium-density material. Then he will not ugly fit the body or make certain parts of the figure too convex. Short vests can mask large breasts and visually lengthen the figure. They also look well unbuttoned, especially in combination with a thin belt, worn over the waist vest. Short vests are suitable for slim men and look better if made of thick fabric. The best choices are with the gilet homme original .

Vest cuts are also able to influence the visual perception of the silhouette and figure. You can choose a vest with a deep neckline that accentuates a lush bust but disguises the excess volume. A V-neckline will lengthen the neck and figure as a whole. The rounded armhole of the vest will help to make the trapezoid figure more proportional, as the shoulders will visually increase.

gilet homme original

How to choose a vest for chubby men?

Overweight men should avoid short vests, vests made of too thin or too thick fabric, knitted with large viscous vests and with decorative flounces and frills. All of this will visually increase the figure. Chubby men should choose a medium-length vest that hides the hips or reaches half the thigh, slightly fitted from medium-density fabric. As for the combinations, the vest can be worn with almost everything. With a t-shirt, shirt, pants, shorts, skirt, dress. The vest is suitable for any element of the wardrobe. The main thing is to choose the right kit.

How to choose a fur or leather vest?

Fur and leather vests are a separate subgroup and quite an expensive thing, so the choice of a fur and leather vest should be made carefully.

A fur vest, first of all, must be made of high-quality fur. To finally choose a vest, you must check the quality of dressing, seams, lining and sewing. Secondly, pay attention to the fact that fur vests made of fur with long nap are suitable only for slim men because such a vest adds one or two extra sizes visually.

If you have a figure with magnificent forms, but at the same time want a fur vest made of silver fox or fox, then look for a combination vest with suede or leather inserts. A vest with leather and suede inserts at the waist and sides not only looks stylish and visually improves the silhouette, but also more practical due to the fact that the absence of fur on the sides helps to avoid rapid wear of the thing.

To choose a vest made of leather, pay attention to the fact that it should sit on the figure, not form wrinkles and unnecessary lines. The skin should be soft and elastic to the touch, easily bend and not ring when dressing.

The fact is that a fur vest is a practical and universal option for outerwear has been known for a long time. But how should a vest with a hood sit so that the silhouette and dignity of the figure are emphasized as successfully as possible? In this matter, there are several practical recommendations that will make the right choice and not miscalculate with the style of the product.