Is it enough to prepare in the home for government exams like

If you are an engineering graduate and you are jobless now. You have a better opportunity in your future. And start applying for government jobs online. And if you passed on those exams you will be a government employee with a good salary. UPSC exams are conducted in two stages by the written method and an interview. And the exams are not much easier than you think. UPSC exams are considered as the toughest exam in India and Nepal. The exam is common for both India and Nepal. UPSC exam is considered as the toughest exam due to high competitions but has only fewer vacancies. Vacancies for the exams are limited by time. So when you’re notified by their website  you should apply for the exams very soon.


Tips to prepare ESE examination:

ESE question paper is separated into two classifications namely conventional and objective type questions. To score good marks you should have good handwritten skills, excellent presentation, and explain your answers with a good explanation and with some additional diagrams. These qualities are basic techniques to score good marks in every exam. UPSC exams have negative marks. So you should be careful before answering each question. Always prepare with your previous year’s questions. It can give some additional ideas about how the questions are asked. And what are all the answers to previous questions? By referring question papers you should note down the important points for quick reference. You should be always updated by hearing more news. Reading newspapers will make you up to date. UPSC exams will not check only your knowledge; the question asked will focus your patience and strength.

If you are selected as a junior engineer you will be getting a monthly salary of 60 to 70,000 for a month. The people from other countries like Pakistan, America, and Russia who wants to apply for UPSC government jobs should have an intention about they should settle permanently in India. Otherwise, they cannot apply for government exams.

When you are attempted in your first exam you can apply for the next exam till you complete your 30th age. Some websites offer an online course for GATE and UPSC exams. GATE exams are also a government exam conducted by the central government. And there are many academies for the UPSC exam preparation. You need to stay in the academy until the exam over.

In the academy, they have well-trained teachers, and some of the previous passed out and working government workers. Than home studying, it is best to study in the academy. There you can clear your doubts from the trained staff members. They can explain to you until your doubt gets clear but when you search your doubt you cannot get a clear explanation online.

How much the academies ask to complete the course?

Till you are completing your course you should stay there and the materials will be provided by the academy. They ask nearly 50 to 60,000 for each people to get trained by them. And the fee structure may differ according to the state. For example: If you join the course in luck now you should pay nearly 60 to 70,000 for the course.