Salem –a Wonderful Capital to Great Oregon

Yes, of course, the city of Salem is the beautiful capital of the United States of America’s famous state, Oregon. As the title describes Salem, that is apt to call it the wonderful land for the people who were much interested to visit it. I also have visited this city once, while on my business trip. After the meeting of my business, my fellow people have caught the flight to return to the homeland, but I just went only after one week from the business trip. The reason behind my late is not by the business plan but for the plan of my heart. If people want to know about that city they can visit the page: . There are some places in the city, which had been stolen my heart through its beautiful landscapes and gave the coolness to my eyes. I just stayed in the Phoenix Grand Hotel which is located along with the city center of Salem. There I was fallen by the beauty of Willamette Valleys which would be the first and last valley in my life. I think that I never could see the valley in my life anymore. There are so many places in the city of Salem that would be admired by the people who visit it.

The hotels which people could not skip in Salem:

People may visit so many restaurants in the city of Salem, but there are some other hotels that people could not skip any more while in Salem. Among them, The Sassy Onion Grill is the hotel that could not be forgotten by any other foodies. Because it is the hotel located in the central area of Salem mainly in State Street. Where the people always roaring and then visit it for their breakfast and lunchtime. The main reason why people always come to this restaurant is nothing but the friendly atmosphere of the hotel with their customers. In the menu card, they are having so many varieties of sweets and savory particles. And most importantly the world-famous food item which is nothing but the French toast, they will make different types of French toast and they are making it up to the people’s taste like for the children, teens and elders and so on. There is nothing doubt about it, it is absolutely for the foodie people. The second hotel in Salem city was Wild Pear which is also in the central area and State Street of Salem city. This hotel provides the New American cuisines but the Vietnamese’s touch in every dish which they have been cooking for years. They are the experts for the Pacific Northwest’s bounty and their masterpiece dish none other than the hearty Pho which is also called the noodle soup of Vietnamese style but this is considered as the folk’s recipe. The unique thing in the hotel is they are giving the service for the party arrangements for the people who are looking for the party and make a feast with their guests. This Wild Pear has been playing its role well in the previous orders for arrangements.