Smartest Options in Bitcoin Trading Now

Cryptocurrency is completely in. More and more people want to jump in on the success stories about cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin rises to record levels and other digital coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin are also doing well. Opposite the success stories are also digital coins that do less well or have not made it. The market is flooded with new cryptocurrencies. Halfway through November 2017, the counter stood at 2449 different digital coins according to Coinranking.com. Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency, but you can no longer see the wood for the trees? We can imagine that very well. That’s why we give you the top three best cryptocurrency apps to keep an eye on the crypto coin market. With the best Cryptocurrency bitcoin price rating and services. Smart Deal, TrustLink, Follow (tracking) address, Anonymous mode. you need to have the best options here.

All your crypto coins in the same place with cryptocurrency apps

Cryptocurrency bitcoin price rating

A problem that many investors encounter is that not all cryptocurrencies can be found on the same exchange and are in different wallets. This way you quickly lose the overview. The solution to this problem is cryptocurrency checker apps. These apps offer up-to-date price information for hundreds, up to thousands of digital currencies. You can easily keep a portfolio with all your investments. This way you have all the information about your digital coins together in one handy app and you no longer have to log in everywhere to track your investments.

Practice makes perfect

The nice thing about these cryptocurrency apps is that you can add your digital coins manually. Do you not have any crypto coins in your possession, but do you want to see how you are doing in the market? Enter a value for certain crypto coins and you can immediately see how your fictional coins are doing. This way you can also use these apps to practice and prepare yourself for the real thing. We discuss three cryptocurrency apps with the ability to maintain a portfolio.


Blockfolio supports more than 2000 digital currencies. After installation, you manually enter the number of digital coins per cryptocurrency. The current rate shows all the information you need. You can set notifications for a certain limit or ceiling and thanks to the extensive statistics you can examine every currency in detail. Because Blockfolio collects all your investments, you immediately see the total value in dollars, euros or another set currency.

The statistics indicate how much profit (or loss) you have made in recent times per coin or the total number of digital coins in your possession. The statistics go very deep, so you can also view detailed statistics per digital currency. You can follow the developments from the creation of the relevant digital currency so that you can immediately see all market developments.

Blockfolio also has a news section, so that you are immediately informed of all developments with cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin Magazine and CoinDesk. Blockfolio gives complete control over your cryptocurrency portfolio and can be downloaded completely free of charge.

You need to have a proper idea regarding this matter and that is the reason you need to be sure about the whole trading process. Surely it is not something that you need to be aware of.