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The highest rise of ghana music!

The high life of dance evolved at the time of the second world war when American jazz and swing became very popular after the arrival of the servicemen from the countries like the united kingdom and the united states. After independence in the year of 1957, the socialist government of ghana stated to encourage folk music instead of the music from other countries. Ghana Music Download to hear traditional ghana. But the thing is high life always remained popular and it had influences from the Trinidadian music. The most influential musician of that period was none other than the musician E.T. Mensah. And he has a band called the temples who always frequently accompanied the president. The band leader of the tempos band was originally Guy Warren. He was the one who introduced Caribbean music to the people of Ghana and later he had done so many innovative fusions of African music with American jazz. Many other musicians from the country were also responsible for the change in the music culture in ghana. Many people led many influential bands I 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. But however, at the end of 1970s, the pop music came into existence and it came from Europe.

Ghana Music Download

The 1970s: Head revival

At the beginning of 1970, the high life which was traditionally styled was taken over by a series of bands that used electrical guitars and used the style of a pop music band. Scott 1966, that is after the fall of the president of the ghana Kwame Nkrumah, many people who were considered as the Ghanian musicians moved outside of the country and they started getting settled in countries like the united kingdom and the united states of America.  In 1971, there was a huge band that happened in Accra and it consisted of many musicians fro America. Tp a surprise, many of these musicians were black. They considered conducting this type of a huge band festival in the year of 1971 in order to restore the pride of the Ghanian music. They sang many songs that were original Ghanaian songs and also they had some songs that were kind of fusion if Mexican – American songs. This concert is considered as one of the revival events in the history of Ghanaian music. It is because of these musicians is what the Ghanian roots started to coming back to life. This music concert was kind of a catalyst for the people to remember and follow ghana again. But it also led to the increasing popularity of American rock and soul.

After this, many musicians from the country started preparing their own music with the fusion of some American, music. They created so many and many bands also became so much popular. And many new guitar bands arose wit some fusion mix with the traditional music. This mainly happened in the land of jamaica. There was a cultural revival that was happening by the bands in Africa to revive their own music. There was an awareness that was created among the youth of the African country to support the talents of their own countrymen and also to promote their country music.