rénovation salle de bain

What Bathroom Renovation Options For You

Here are some tips for renovating a bathroom for seasonal rentals. Indeed, in seasonal rental, future travelers are sensitive to the level of equipment and comfort of their future accommodation. The comfort of bedding, the presence of a modern and equipped kitchen or a well-appointed bathroom are all criteria that will count in the final choice of a traveler. For the rénovation salle de bain this is important now.

When you started the seasonal rental, how was the bathroom and what equipment did it have?

The apartment is located in a former tourist residence where all the apartments had at the time the same furnishing and layout. The bathroom had a relatively old look but remained functional and well maintained. From an arrangement point of view, it consisted mainly of a large mirror, a built-in basin, a shower tray, a toilet and a hairdryer.

Old bathroom, before work

rénovation salle de bain

After four years of seasonal rental, we decided to redo it entirely. Thus, we took advantage of a slack period to carry out the work. We had already done some of the decoration of the apartment, including the installation of a new kitchen, so we wanted to harmonize everything.

Which arrangement did you choose for the renovation of your bathroom as part of the seasonal rental?

Given the small size of the room, we opted for a walk-in shower rather than a bathtub. There is now a column of rain shower and a shower. A basin and a storage cabinet complete the amenities. The lines are more contemporary and the colors up to date. The overall rendering is more harmonious with the rest of the accommodation. You can reposition the hair dryer wall mounted because travelers appreciate this equipment.

How did you do your research as a provider? Which criteria were decisive?

We made several quotes based on word of mouth. The price was decisive, we selected the cheapest provider.Should we use special materials to renovate a bathroom for seasonal rental?

New bathroom after two weeks of work

No, you did not use any particular materials apart from a thermostat that we had installed for the shower. Indeed, you can consider this format as safer for children. In addition, you recently learned that it is possible to use pool seals to make bathrooms. Your bathroom was already redone but if the joints get damaged too quickly, you may opt for this solution.

What was the duration of the work and its cost?

The work lasted two weeks. The cost for the renovation of the bathroom for the seasonal rental was 6500 $, through professionals.

What is the return of travelers?

Travelers who had seen the old photos are all pleasantly surprised. In fact, in general, tenants appreciate the layout and equipment. If you are building or want to renovate a house, many jobs will open up to you. Do not neglect any of your parts since they all have a purpose. Whether small or large, the bathroom can be an aesthetic asset and comfort for you. Tell your bathroom projects to plumb and heating professionals. Experts concretize your projects of creation or renovation of bathroom custom-made and personalized.