What mistakes do players make at live casinos?

Gambling is not something you can learn in one go, it’s a process wherein with every consecutive win or defeat, you learn a new lesson. We are all bound to make mistakes while gambling. The aura and thrill of the casino force us to make the wrong choices. But it’s okay because that’s how we learn! Don’t ever repent any of your choices rather just make sure you don’t repeat them. Gambling is meant to be fun, so relish every part of it. Nova88 is a casino portal where you can have the best casino experience and gain access to all your favorite games via your desktop or smartphone.

Before you start to gamble, here are the five most common mistakes that you should avoid making again. Preventing these can greatly improve your performance.

MISTAKE 1 – Don’t get tempted by wins

Of course, wins are meant to be celebrated but don’t let them take you away from reality and the reality is that they don’t keep flowing in. Keep in mind that crazy gambling can at once make you lose what you won in the 10 last victories. So, go slow and have the courage to walk out when you have won enough. One should always save a part of their wins and use only the rest to gamble ahead so that even if you lose now, you can still go back home with something.

MISTAKE 2 – Don’t ignore the speed of the game

The speed of the game highly determines the winnings you can have from it. For example, a game that is quick and requires you to make around 100-200 decisions per hour is likely to be dangerous and difficult to win. In such fast games with so many decisions to be made, even a one percent house edge can be very risky. On the other hand, a slow game with only 20-40 decisions to make per hour is easier to win as you have the time to wisely make the correct choice. 


MISTAKE 3 – Choose your company wisely while your gambling

Do not ever walk into a casino with a lamebrain friend because he/she is likely to infuse the same madness into you. Gambling is a game of fortunate and wise people, and the lunatics only end up losing. It’s always best to keep a distance from such people because it’s a basic human tendency to replicate your friends or fellow mates, and you would no way need any such craziness while gambling. To save yourself from making any crazy choices, avoid having such a company, and instead take all your decisions single-handedly. A crazy, reckless gambler should be bid goodbye from a distance.

MISTAKE 4 – Don’t be a ‘know-it-all’ fellow!

While you are gambling, it’s best to keep your mouth shut and eyes open! It’s okay to have fun and be a little friendly with the fellow gamblers, but only to a certain extent. Keep in mind that some people converse with you only to steal a few of your tricks and strategies, so make sure that you don’t slip in any advice in the conversations. Don’t act over smart and share all your knowledge, it’s best to keep it to yourself!

MISTAKE 5 – Don’t show off!

Well, this advice works well in real life but works even better in the casinos. Don’t run around the casino advertising your skills or wins, because it can not only hurt the sentiments of the unfortunate ones but also invite a lot of unwanted evil attention. The best way to gamble is to silently fill your pockets and walk out like a king! Stop parading after every single win, that’s just not required!

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