What to Expect From Cardarine GW501516

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Cardarine is a performance enhancing drug which is relatively new and was initially used in the medical industry to prevent cancer and regulate cholesterol levels in our body. It was found to speed up the lipid metabolism and prove to be very helpful in burning off fat, losing excess weight and improving endurance all of which improve athletic ability. Cardarine is a PPAR (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor) and not SARM which it is thought to be by many people. It works almost the same as SARMs but with a difference which is that it targets receptors in muscles which promote glucose metabolization. 

Cardarine provides an energy rush and improves metabolism significantly. It also improves endurance or the stamina to work out for a longer duration significantly. The rise in energy levels also prevents early fatigue and keeps you active even after a vigorous workout or physical activity. This endurance boost also helps in performing longer duration of physical activity and thus easily and drastically gain muscle mass and strength while using a lot more calories and thus deposited fat as a consequence. If you are trying to lose fat while using Cardarine, you might eat in a caloric deficit but that can put you at a risk of losing your muscle mass which is not at all good for strength and muscle building. But, Cardarine also provides benefit in this case as it stimulates muscle fibers and prevents muscle loss by reducing muscle catabolism. 

It is also shown to increase the deposition of amino acids or proteins onto muscles and bones and thus helps in increasing muscle mass significantly and easily. Cardarine also works to help out the body in the metabolization of good cholesterol in the blood and tissues by transporting it to the liver and thus also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and artery blockage and promoting general good health and well being .Being a PPAR, Cardarine does not interfere with your natural hormone productions and you do not need a Post cycle therapy or PCT apart from very rare cases. This means that Cardarine has the added benefit of no side effects on the body and its hormonal functions. But it is highly potent and thus should be used in low doses.

Read more about Cardarine and other performance enhancing drugs and their dosages and benefits at www.unitedforpatientsafety.org