repeat patterns

Women clothes design for different body types

Designing clothes is for both men as well as women but women have a vast variety of ranges to wear compared to men. Because every woman has a particular choice when it comes to dressing they give very much importance to that, some men give importance for dressing but not higher in numbers than women. Women have different ranges of design themselves and make them show them very beautiful. Every person has a different choice and taste in dressing. Some like miss matched design and some are very sensitive in dressing. But a single type stays for a very long time is repeat patterns  type. This type of design standing in the designing field for a very long time or years. Even there are many different new types comes this particular pattern loves by all types of people for years. Let us go deeply about women designing type and all about their fashion ways.

Picking designing cloth and different body ways:

repeat patterns

For the very first we are going to look a detail about the women’s body type and then let us discuss their dressing materials.

Women’s have different body structure, so some type of dresses can go with it and some completely does not suit them. Some of the body types are

  • Ectomorph type
  • Mesomorph type
  • Endomorph type

In general tern, we may hear about some of the body types they are

  • Inverted triangle shape
  • Hourglass shape
  • Pear shape
  • Triangle shape
  • Rectangle shape
  • Round shape
  • Etc

Each shape takes different types of clothes to suit with and some of the clothes may not go with somebody types. Some different kind of tops are mentioned below

  • Tube top
  • Flounce tops
  • Tank tops
  • Bustier tops
  • Crop top
  • Tier tops
  • Basic tee tops
  • Raglan tops
  • Peasant tops
  • Tunic tops
  • Etc

They go with different types of skirts and these tops can hold with Many different varieties of design in it. Some skirts models are

  • Miniskirt
  • Pencil skirt
  • Straight skirt
  • A- lined skirt
  • Accordion skirt
  • Knife pleated skirt
  • Prairie skirt
  • Wrap skirt
  • Mermaid skirt
  • Slit skirt

The pants types are

  • Hot pants
  • City short pants
  • Cargo pants
  • Straight pants
  • Ballon pants
  • Harem pants
  • Palazzo pants
  • Sweat pants
  • Sailor pants

Other than this there are gowns, sarees, and many other outfits that are available to dress them up. These are all under some mild or heavy design work. Nowadays the jean also comes with stone, mirror or thread work. Designing clothes or fabric is a little complicated to fix.

Not only there are many designs are available for the men also. Some pants come as unisex that means the pants can wear by both males and females. You can choose which is best for your body type. If you pick the dress which goes with your body type can result in the best outfit and with good design takes you to the higher look.