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Expect the best In Milan Now

If Japanese is fashionable everywhere, the same cannot be said of the Peruvian: in Milan, there are about 40 thousand immigrants from Peru who have many restaurants in the Via Padova area. If you want to try a Peruvian of excellence (the magazines say it is among the best in the world) go to Pacifico, in via della Moscova 29; more in hand and with an excellent ceviche Inkanto. If, on the other hand, the Mexican teases you no problem: directly from the Expo pavilions arrived in Porta Nuova Bèsame Mucho, an excellent address to go beyond the old idea of ​​Tex Mex. Not enough for you? Well, to complete the atlas there are Uzbeks; Vietnamese; Argentines; Swedes; Hebrews, Eritreans and even a Nepalese: Achar who opened a few months ago. In the milan tours these are essential places to visit.

The Costs

To be a simple walk, it costs, no doubt about it. Because the ticket is 12 dollars, but objectively the view deserves. Because once you are in Milan in Piazza Duomo, you go, of course. But if you don’t feel like queuing to get in, or maybe you’ve seen it with your old aunt again, here’s the novelty that lets you look at the spiders and the center from a different perspective: a walk on roofs of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele to see a wonderful part of the city from an objectively unusual perspective.

  • If you miss from Milan, you have long gone to that area that is not well defined topographically located between Corso Como and the Island, just above the Garibaldi station. Until a few years ago, there was a large open space where the circuses used to hang curtains. Now there is Piazza Gae Aulenti with its skyscrapers that make Milan look like the one it has always wanted to look like: a vertical city. Also shops, an auditorium and a small park in evolution, in the sense that they are setting it up. Here is also the Vertical Forest, which is the award-winning residential building that reminds one of the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Your Other Options

milan tours

And going even further there is precisely the Isola district, which was once really an island more or less, since it was closed by rivers, the Seveso, and Navigli and also quite infamous, while now it is more than that. There is fashion. On Saturday afternoons between Via Borsieri and Via Volturno, there is also the market, which has nothing in particular, but it is a city that is lived a lot. Around, however, restaurants, trendy bars, independent bookstores, and shops to look at sprout like mushrooms. If after a half-hour walk you come to say “Everything here?” we see that you have been in New York too often.

What does the Milanese do in the evening? Good question of everything and more, like everywhere. But what is certain is that Milan has a wide and varied cultural offer like no other Italian city. Cinema, theater, concerts, sporting events: whatever you like in Milan there is and is often best interpreted. So if you want to go to the theater, look at what goes on at the theater productions at Palazzo Litta with its program that ranges from experimentation to great classics? But also at Franco Parenti which is also a space to look at and experience after the opening of the Mysterious Baths and then, of course, the Piccolo Teatro, because it’s the Piccolo and how can you not go if you love theater?