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How to Make Your Essay Attractive

The art of writing a title is not limited to having a writing style. In addition to giving internet users the desire to read your essay, the title must be consistent, fair, and relevant and incorporate the keywords on which you want to position yourself. For the business and management help you can have the best option now. Obviously, it must not contain any misspelling. To summarize and see more clearly, here are the components of a good title:

  • It is quite short maximum of 70 characters so that the title appears in full in the search results
  • It has one or more keywords, the most important at the beginning
  • It reflects the content of the essay on the page
  • He delivers a message
  • There is no spelling error
  • It is unique and does not appear on other pages
  • It makes the user want to click when the title is displayed in Google results.
  • It is explicit: a detailed title is better than a title too vague

Do you think that’s a lot? Do not worry, with a little practice you will almost automatically write catchy headlines for your blog posts. Otherwise, you can call the professional web editors. They will produce for you texts and titles optimized for your SEO.

Hang on as soon as you enter

business and management help

Even if you managed to convince the user to visit your essay, all is not won. It will now decide whether to continue reading based on your introduction. The introduction summarizes your essay and should be seen as a brief because it alone constitutes the basis of the information. It is therefore necessary to go straight to the point. It is the principle of the inverted pyramid in web writing. To help you understand the essential content and then summarize it, use the 5W rule:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?

In other words, it gives: who is concerned? What is the news? What is it about? When did it happen or when will it happen or why? Again, you have to catch the attention, without saying too much. Try to limit the grip to a single paragraph, short.

Adapt your essay to the web

Remember that your blog essay will be read on the Internet, from different media: computer, tablet or smartphone. This may seem obvious today, but it is important to become aware of the uses of Internet users. On the web, users do not read the same way as when they are facing a physical book. They do not have as much patience either.

The content of your essay has to be adapted to the web format to encourage your visitors to read your essay to the end. In this regard, here are some tips to follow:

  • Cut the information into several paragraphs
  • Use inter-titles, especially in long texts that are longer than 2000 characters
  • Put the keywords in bold, without abusing, at the risk of hindering the reading
  • Use short phrases about 15-20 words with a vocabulary and a simple, concrete, direct, and concise style
  • Avoid jargon, be it legal, administrative, commercial, etc.
  • Adapt the tone of your essay to your target

Optimize your links and your images

It is important to add images or any other media such as videos or graphics to illustrate your essay. This will prevent your reader from having to read a long text, stimulate his reading and bring concrete examples to your comments.