Finer Values for the Proper Home Buying

Have you decided to invest in your own home and are going to buy an apartment? Such a decision requires a thorough examination of the dream property. In the following article, we have important advice for you to be careful when buying an apartment. With the right you can have the best options now.

Usually, buying an apartment is not a small investment. For someone buying an apartment can mean an investment in the form of lifetime savings, for many people even a lot larger often they have to indebt for decades.

Trust, but a check is a well-known lesson that pays twice when buying a property especially if you decide to buy an apartment without the help of a real estate consultancy or real estate agent. We mean, of course, a real estate agent who works for you.

In general, do not rely on the fact that all real estate agents and property owners are fair when selling a property. The seller, of course, wants to sell at the highest price and a real estate agent works for him.

It is optimal to use the services of a real estate agent when buying an apartment. A real estate agent will not only help you get a new apartment for a fee but also thoroughly examine it. Subsequently, it can also provide you with financial advice, legal services, or other services. In our company Housing on a recommendation we can do all this.

However, if you decide to save money, try to be careful when buying a property and consistently finding out about it. Before you write a reservation or purchase contract, think carefully about the purchase and check the real condition of the purchased apartment, do not get pushed into the corner. Here are some important tips on what to look for when analyzing a purchased apartment.

Check the Property Status

You found your dream apartment on a real estate portal or through a friend. At least carry out a basic analysis before the scheduled inspection which should be a matter of course. The legal status of the property is an important player here. The basic legal defects should be stated in the land register in the land register. The title of ownership is essentially a centralized document for recording and recording formal real estate data.

The composition of LV is as follows:

In section you will find information about the owner or co-ownership individual shares of the co-owners in the given property are also defined,

Section B identifies property including parcel number, descriptive and registration numbers. Areas, type and method of land use are also listed, as well as information on the housing unit.

Newly, you will find in section B1 of the LV, which lists the rights in rem in favor of the property e.g. the easement that entitles the owner to something.

Section C provides information on restrictions of property rights in rem encumbering the property, for example, pre-emptive rights, liens, or easements that the owner is obliged to bear.

Section D is used to record notes and other similar information, such as records of possible property litigation or filed actions.

Section E contains information on how the existing owner acquired the property. There are records of purchase or gift contract, etc.

In section F you will find information on boned soil ecological units (BPEJ), which provides information on soil properties.

The above list shows that the cadaster of real estate can tell you a lot about the purchased apartment or real estate.